The Best Finish for Every Room.

Our unique selection of finishes and epoxy pouring techniques provide you with the best solid epoxy colors, metallic epoxy floor options, epoxy flake finish and polished concrete options.

Eye-Popping Design That Lasts.

Sometimes, the best design choice for your space will also be damage-resistant. Our unique, high-quality epoxy mixes provide the perfect base for stunning texture, color, or clear coats.

Easy Installation.

Epoxy floors and polished concrete floors are durable, cost-effective, and quick to install. Simply mix, pour, and level.

Our Atlanta epoxy floor and concrete installers will give you a perfect, elegant floor that will last.

The Best Metallic Epoxy Floor.

We specialize in garage flake and metallic epoxy floor finishes. Contact us to learn more about our metallic pigments and finishes.

Business Interior

Warehouses, shopping centers, car dealerships, gyms, and much more.

Office Interior

Law firms, real estate agencies, banks, mortgage companies, and more.

Home Interior

Garages, man caves, basements, game rooms, living rooms, and more.

Epoxy Floor Solutions For Anywhere.

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